Frameless HANGARS: innovative solutions


Construction of frameless hangars Shymkent - the main activity of the company «BRiS-Stroymontazh." The increased demand for the service gives us the opportunity to realize the most ambitious projects in the agricultural, livestock and production sector, using the best practices and the latest technology frameless construction.


Prefabricated sheds arch type

The main feature of our production frameless hangars - the lack of support walls or frame trusses. At the same strength and stiffness design is not inferior to frame structures. Hangars are assembled from domestic raw materials: galvanized steel with thickness of 0.8 to 1.2 mm.
Frameless hangars, depending on their destination, can be cold or warm performance. And this characteristic is one of the defining when calculating the cost of each hangar.
Frameless fabricated structures can be both an independent subject of economic activity, and the functional element of the basic structures: for example, roof superstructure.

Why buy frameless hangar?

Prefabricated arched designs that we produce and install, endowed with many advantages.

  • They are practical. Area used by 100% due to the absence of pillars and ceilings. Furthermore, they lack the upper corners, and thus heated and ventilated area is considerably smaller than a standard rectangular structure.
  • Durability.Frameless hangars are more than 50 years. With this long term and minimal investments in the construction of light arched structure are an excellent investment.
  • Resistant to precipitation and groundwater. Ideal for our region by climate characteristics. Able to withstand heavy rains and heavy snowfall.
  • Earthquake-resistant and resistant to winds. Due to the reliable anchorage and streamlined withstand even a very strong gusty wind and earthquake up to 9 points.
  • Protected against corrosion and destruction. The quality and reliability of metal fasteners for many decades saves hangars of this type of natural aging and destruction.
  • Impervious to birds, insects and rodents. The streamlined shape and full tightness provides 100% protection against unwanted intrusion of pests.