Insulation of hangars: a strategic measure
to improve the efficiency facilities


The decision to shed insulation depends on destination buildings and taken before the construction phase. Many owners believe that the warming of the hangar - is a significant additional costs. In fact, we have every reason to believe that investing money in improvements hangars - is not only an investment in its value, but also an important step to increase its effectiveness.

In some cases, a warming of the hangar


Insulate the hangar need if you plan to use pre-fabricated arched framework as:

  • storage products for agricultural activities;   
  • corrals and the house; 
  • workshop, garage or service station;
  • production or domestic premises; 
  • Trade and exhibition space;
  • gym or pool.

And if you need more room and heating in the cold season, the only professional insulation helps make it less costly and more effective. Most often in parallel with the insulating walls of the hangar and conducted the work on the floor insulation.

To do this, equip it to either the system "warm floor", or using special construction materials that are placed on compacted soil.

I must say that the system works and thermal insulation in the heat: it will alert hangar overheated in the summer months, which is very important for entrepreneurs southern region. 


Insulation of hangars in Kazakhstan: the selection of the optimal material


Warming can occur from the inside of the room and on the outside, and the choice of the optimal variant will depend not only on the scope of use of the hangar, but also on its type. The company «BRIS-Stroymontazh" you definitely will offer paired with a vapor barrier and insulation to use the ventilation system of the hangar. Otherwise, under the influence of excess condensate layer of insulation starts to deteriorate rapidly.

The material for the thermal insulation of hangars can be a sandwich panel (for wall-sided sheds), polystyrene, ecowool, mineral wool or polyurethane coating. They each have their own performance, so when choosing the optimal way, pay attention to the time of installation, and the properties of the thermal conductivity, and the effect on the metal cover. Excess load on the frameless construction can reduce their lifespan..