How to improve the efficiency of the storage system by ventilation hangars

For entrepreneurs the next challenge after the construction of the hangar there is a question about its ventilation. The question is doubly true if we are talking about preserving vegetables, crops or livestock content. Frameless hangars at risk of overheating or overcooling of condensation on the temperature difference inside and outside. It is clear that a professionally executed ventilation increases the efficiency of the hangar on several fronts.

Selecting the ventilation system depends on the purpose of pre-fabricated hangars.

In the hangar, which are intended for the storage of products, it is best to install a ventilation system with automatic level control humidity and temperature in the room contribute to the continuous exchange of air. This is due to the fact that the storage of products (vegetables, fruits, potatoes, corn, etc.) and a high risk of the spread of pathogens, molds and bacteria decay, so it is very important to observe the humidity level in the room. Thus, products sensitive to changes in the optimal storage temperature, the result of its change it loses its qualitative characteristics, presentation and quantitative indicators.

The pre-fabricated hangars, which are used for production facilities, established as a rule, the usual forced-air ventilation by means of which the building is a constant exchange of air and into fresh air.

Prefabricated sheds are designed to contain the birds and animals that require special ventilation system, which depends on the kind of kept animals.

The ventilation system of prefabricated angaraneobhodimo choose and plan at the design stage facilities, otherwise, its installation will take more time, effort and cost.

With all of this the costs of designing and installation of ventilation systems pay for themselves within the first 1-2 years of operation, and then the hangar, regardless of their functions, working for a net profit.

If necessary, the creation of a given indoor climate our experts will prepare for you all necessary calculations and produce the installation of ventilation systems with high quality and warranty.

When natural ventilation is not enough ...

The view that regular airing can provide air circulation in the hangar - a mistake. The facts speak in favor of integrated solutions where the natural ventilation of the project combined with the active. Purpose Professional ventilation - to eliminate background and to the condensation temperature to achieve a balance in both the upper and lower parts of the build. For the calculation of the ventilation system shall provide the basis of several factors:

  • the size and the inner area of the hangar; 
  • storage technology specific to the product;
  • specific air flow rate for the room;
  • the performance of ventilation equipment.

It should be noted that the installation of ventilation necessary to instruct professionals in your field. They not only will be able to avoid the mistakes of ignorance or carelessness, but also help to choose the optimal equipment for controlled ventilation in buildings.