Preparing the foundation for the construction of hangars

Whatever the lungs may be fast-frameless design, with no arrangement in the construction of the foundation can not do. Another thing is that the foundation for hangars is different from the standard basis for brick or concrete buildings easily, at the depth and efficiency. We describe in detail what are the types of foundations are suitable for prefabricated construction.

Site preparation for the foundation

We have already said that the construction of light arched structures can occur in almost any area. This freedom of choice is achieved just by the variability of the foundation upon which can be erected hangar. Knowing what type of soil at the site and whether the large groundwater level, you can choose the type that provide maximum service life of the hangar in all weather conditions. It is important to understand that it is necessary on the ground, in the end, most of the load from the operation of the hangar, so take to the device of the foundation should be taken seriously.

Before the foundation of the device you need to prepare the site. To do this, cut off about 10-30 cm topsoil and poured sand-gravel cushion. Thickness, of course, will depend on the condition of the existing soil and its composition, so the decision on the additional bulk layer should make the expert. Next area is leveled and cleared of debris. And after all the work carried out in accordance with the chosen foundation.

The types of foundations for frameless hangars

  • Strip foundation. Filled with reinforced concrete structures, concrete, rubble and brick. The shape is exactly the same size and footprint of the hangar
  • Pile foundation is often used in cases where the upper layer of soil has no bearing characteristics, or a portion there is a risk of raising ground water. The pillars with pointed ends are screwed or driven into the soil to the level of the dense layers that can withstand fluctuations in the structure. They are stacked on top of the concrete slab, which is attached to the rest of the metalwork already.
  • Pouring reinforced concrete base on thick bed of gravel and sand. This theft is further not only support for the wall structure, and floor structures.