Prefabricated sheds: affordable, practical, topical


Arch construction technology first appeared in the US in the middle of the last century. The first attempts to build pre-fabricated hangars were made in the military environment. It was only years later, when the technology of construction of arch structures has been perfected, came hangars and agriculture, and private enterprise in the world.

In Russia, frameless construction became popular in the post-perestroika period, and then the first hangars were in Kazakhstan. However, they still could not be called affordable. Today frameless hangars Kazakhstan spread much wider. In part because the technology of building ceased to be a mystery. In part, because of their construction are increasingly using domestic materials.

 Frameless hangars in the military

History sheds spread in our country also began with the construction of strategic military installations. Frameless design of arch type is still widely used as a hangar for military aircraft, helicopters and other large equipment. Their main advantage - the speed of the construction - makes it easy to throw military forces in the country, rapidly equipping training facilities and landfills.

Frameless hangars in agriculture

Another strategic focus for distributing unibody construction was agriculture.

Benefits hangars appreciated, and today they are used as:

  • granaries; 
  • vegetable stores;
  • refrigerators;
  • systems for livestock;
  • warehouses for tools;
  • garages for agricultural machinery, etc.

Quick construction time, affordable prices and the possibility of building at any time of the year - the main reasons why more and more agricultural and agricultural enterprises acquire frameless hangars.


Frameless hangars in business

Following the agricultural hangars have been used in the business environment. Today, all over Kazakhstan frameless arched hangars are:

  • production facilities;
  • garages for cars, motorcycles and kvadrotehniki;
  • Service stations, car washes and car parks;
  • sports facilities: swimming pools, football pitches, and courts for tennis;
  • trading platforms, market and Exhibition Center;
  • warehouses and canopies.

Frameless hangars housing construction

Technology Fast arch construction are also used for covering roofs, construction of attic floors, housing and residential complexes.

Entrepreneurs of South Kazakhstan region know that the construction of hangars - is not an expense, but an investment in the development and expansion of business.