«BRiS-Stroymontazh» one of the first companies in Shymkent, in the specialization of which includes not only the manufacture and installation of steel structures, but also trapezoidal sheet cladding structures and sandwich panels. However, adhering to the trend of continuous development and improvement, in 2013, we have successfully mastered the modern construction technology frameless hangars.
Experience of successfully completed projects guarantees impeccable quality and efficiency in the performance of assigned tasks. Having assessed the increasingly growing number of our customers and a variety of purposes erection of structures, we can make sure that the scope of frameless arched hangar in Shymkent is growing every day, and today they are used as:

  • warehouses, barns and storehouses for vegetables, grain or hay;
  • garages and sheds for agricultural machinery and tools;
  • of livestock farms and outbuildings on farms SKO;
  • car parks, service stations and car washes;
  • gyms, swimming pools and tennis courts for sports;
  • industrial buildings;
  • indoor marketplaces;
  • concert and exhibition halls;
  • boxes for airplanes, helicopters and other special equipment;
  • and roof extensions.
When the service life of over 50 years, and low investment in the beginning of the construction of hangars «BRiS-Stroymontazh» pay off in a year and a half. Follow the decade they operate solely on increasing your profits.