Building on a tight schedule

You think fast, affordable and quality at the same time does not happen? So you just do not yet know about the sandwich panels. Meanwhile, construction of sandwich panels - contemporary and modern technology rapid construction of buildings. In Kazakhstan, this building material is used as an active wall constructions, roofing and ceilings. Sandwich panels are ideally suited for our region, on the basis of this, the company «BRIS-Stroymontazh" is often used in the construction of town houses in the urban construction of private buildings and hangars for business and warehouse.


Technological features of sandwich panels

In the years that the sandwich panels are used in Kazakhstan, it became clear that it is really versatile and practical material, combining the quality of concrete, wood and brick. However, the merits of the sandwich panels have to tell you in detail.

  1. Resistance to weather conditions and natural disasters. Sandwich panels are ideally suited to the climate of the South Kazakhstan region, because they are resistant to temperature extremes, and precipitation. In addition, properly designed buildings are earthquake-resistant and able to withstand earthquake up to 9 points.
  2. Excellent thermal insulation properties. The multilayer structure of sandwich panels allows retain heat indoors due to the internal insulation.
  3. The release of usable space. The small thickness of sandwich panels, which are used for the walls and for the walls, the room allows you to plan effectively.
  4. Speed and installation technology. Professional installation of sandwich panels takes 3 times faster than standard construction. The secret - in the ease and efficiency of fastener material for him.
  5. Wide range of colors and aesthetics. The building of the sandwich panels immediately acquires a finished look. And thanks to the abundance of colors, we can build a structure that will meet your desires at 100%.

The speed of construction is important, if we are talking about starting or expanding a business. To help entrepreneurs in Shymkent come pre-fabricated structures with sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheet, steel and advanced technology hangar building.